Weirdest Comment of the Day

S: "You look hilarious when you're sleeping by the way."
Me: "Um, thanks?"
I sleep in class all the time. That's just what I do. I've had professors make fun of me for it. I sleep until I hear the professor ask a question or say something important, then I wake up answer the question and go back to sleep. I don't do it intentionally, but that's what ends up happening.

I got 7.5 hours of sleep last night. I went to bed at 12. At 1 I was awoken by my roommates who apparently think it's totally acceptable to carry on a conversation in full voice while somebody is sleeping in the same room. Mind you, I'm not a light sleeper at all. Noise or even calm full voice conversation does not bother me one bit. This was some kind of an exciting/loud discussion that just could not be conducted in the living room. This has happened before and I never said anything about it. This time I woke up and asked them if why they thought I would be totally cool with being woken up an hour into my sleep. Stupid.


  1. you do look really funny when you sleep. I've told you that before too. In CS you'd pass out, be fast asleep, but both of your eyes would roll back but your lids don't shut all the way. it's just a little funny at first, I think I got used to it.


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