Pa Da Dum, Pa Da Dum

Finished my CS project! 4 hours before it was due too.

First things first, I realized I LOVE rye bread today. I used to really not like it. After discovering this morning that there were no bagels to be had with coffee I decided to give rye bread another chance. I even had a second slice for lunch.
OK. So, I promised I would post one of my projects. This is a something I've been working on for about a month. We have projects due every week and the past 4 projects built on each other. This is the final product. Mine ended up being 4593 lines long. That's a lot of assembly code. Granted there are a lot of comments {which are essential} and I didn't write a few functions in the program. He gives us the completed project after it's due and that's what we build on. I, or anybody else in the class who I've talked to, didn't finish the last 3 projects.

Here's how little this program does:

It even handles the end of file case. Amazing.

Here is a little snippet of code. It's really cool. I think I like assembly.

Yay! It's week 9. I'm almost finished. I think we have one more project.

My next post will be about the surfing/camping trip to San Clemente this weekend. I had a ton of fun and here is a little preview picture of what's to come.

I'm getting ready to go to dinner with the fam. Then I'm off to go to a mandatory sorority event. (I'm not supposed to tell but it's a PINNING! Shh.) We get to wear long black dresses and sing songs like Boy and a Phi Rho and Phi Rho Sweetheart. We are supposed to go to some sort of a club after the ceremony but I think they will be too drunk to notice I'm not there.


  1. It's nice to see people who still understand/appreciate the lower level aspects of computers. So many of the new grads I've interviewed in the last 5-10 years seemed absolutely clueless about anything below the level of a GUI. You might be very pleasantly surprised how useful this skill is later for other types of debugging, performance tuning, etc. even if it's much more reading than writing.


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