Would Have It No Other Way

Dinner turned out just awesome! I can't even tell you. Everybody was super helpful. My pledge sisters came early to help me out and told me to go rock climbing while they were finishing up spinach and risotto.

I went rock climbing, which was also pretty super. I free climbed at first (no harness) and I was consistently getting to the height above which they don't want you to free climb. Then Natalie hooked me up to a harness and I climbed all the way to the top faster than you can blink. It was so much fun. Then I ran back to the apartment where we finished dinner as people were arriving.

So many people came. Oof. I didn't expect that at all. There were over 20 people. I made two chickens, a lot of risotto and 12 rolls. People devoured everything. I got so many nice comments like one from Ally, "This is honestly the best chicken I've ever tasted." Dessert was also great. I did have to make like 4 of my tiny pots of coffee for everybody but it worked out. People brought in food and dishes from the outside without me asking them. A few people stayed to wash the dishes as I was eating the cake. What an awesome group of people. I'm really happy a lot of phi rhos came and I'm also really happy James and Kina came too.

Thanks to my pledge sisters and pledge mom who came early! Thank you, Jamerz for manning the chicken and making coffee and just being awesome.