bkr Water Bottle

photo source kmiller via theyard

Doesn't water taste better if you drink it from a glass instead of a plastic cup or bottle? I really think so. A Nalgene definitely has its merits (mine glows in the dark!), but I adore drinking from my bkr.

Have you ever heard of these? It's a glass bottle wrapped in a silicone sleeve. It looks really neat, no? It's not completely leak proof like my Nalgene (if you turn it upside-down and shake, a couple of drops will escape), but I'll gladly trade that for great taste for most purposes. I wouldn't take it backpacking or anything, but I never leave for work/ballet without it.

I've had the red one for about a year now, and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend. If you're interested, you can find it at bkr or amazon. (God knows I don't need another water bottle, but I love the lush color!)

P.S. If you happen to break it within 90 days, bkr will replace it for free. Cool!


  1. How breakable are they?! I'm skeptical about glass water bottles purely because I feel like I throw a water bottle around so much ... I can justify ceramic coffee/tea mugs because I handle them more gingerly. Maybe I'm wrong?

    1. I have to say, I did break one. But it was totally my fault. I was carrying a bunch of stuff in my arms, along with this bottle uncapped. It fell glass bottleneck first on a brick driveway and broke. :(

      But I have dropped these on concrete before. As long as the plastic cap is on, it comes out totally unscathed. :) So, yeah, I'd say it's pretty difficult to break one unless you have the habit to tossing it around without the cap on.

  2. This is really snazzy! There is definitely something special about drinking water out of an ice-cold glass. I've been considering getting the more versatile Hydroflask because some friends are extremely happy with theirs, but this would be great for home/office use. Does it sweat through the silicone at all?


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