High Waisted Pants

photo via wit and delight

I have a confession. I'm totally into mom jeans now. 

photo via everlane

It was a progression. (Isn't it always?) This pair of chinos was ever so slightly higher than my regular matchstick jeans. Last year I tried (and liked) pencil skirts. Then I fell in love with box cut tees from Everlane. And of course, the model (above) was wearing high rise pants with the t-shirt tucked in. (You can still tuck the box cut shirt in regular pants. It just looks that much more awesome in mom jeans.) This incredibly chic woman was another inspiration. But I still wasn't convinced.

When I saw this photo of Gemma Arterton effortlessly rocking the high waisted pants look, I decided to pull the trigger and go for this number. My size was on backorder, so I had to wait 5 long weeks for them to arrive. But when they did, I shamelessly copied Gemma's look and haven't looked back.

Fear of butt-crack begone!

P.S. Garance wrote a hilarious piece about the dichotomy of low-rise skinny jeans.
P.P.S. I wore high waisted pants to my citizenship interview!


  1. Татьяна ГальченкоMay 6, 2013 at 11:55 AM

    Я рада, что ты полюбила их! Ура!

  2. All I could think about when I read this was SNL's Mom Jeans short... I think the next step in your progression needs to be floral vests.

    1. "Giving up, giving up. Putting on my mom jeans." I love that short.


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