First Roll of Film

Ranunculus Ranunculus

My friend, Anna, takes amazing photos. See for yourself. (I was going to pick my favorites, but I really can't settle on one or two.) She swears by film. So, of course, I had to give it a try. I'm borrowing a Nikon FE camera with a 50mm lens from a friend.

The first difference I noticed was the time that it takes me to take a photo now. Because you only have so many tries, you take your time with each shot to get it just right. Also, you don't take 5 million photos of the same thing, like you (or at least I) do with a digital camera. (I can't tell you how annoying it is to go through many photos of the same thing to try to pick out a couple of best ones.)

And then there's the anticipation. I dropped my film off on Friday, and I had to wait all weekend to pick it up on Monday. I had such high expectations. I thought my photos would be a masterpiece of perfect framing, and the just-right amount of grainy. Not so, friends! Most of them suck. (Like the one where I mistook setting the shutter speed for shooting in shutter priority mode, and didn't close down the aperture. Not going to make that mistake again.) But I really like these two, and a couple of others. What do you think? Am I silly for liking film? (My brother would say yes.)


  1. Olga!! I love love love these, and also the fact that you have started to use film! I know it is a little bit hard to get everything right first, exposure, light etc. And how you sometimes really itch to take "just one more" picture of the same thing in case. But I really have experimented and learned the hard way, how some photography just turns out magical! Like these ranunculas! Keep on doing this. I'm going straight to your flickr profile to check what other ones you have :D


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