Things That Made My Week

photo via thruhiker

On Tuesday about half-way through the day I happened to glance at my (oldie) watch and literally did a double-take. It's only Tuesday?! *groan* Another long week. Programming 16 hours/day is wearing on me. But hey, it's been fun too. I'm not complaining.

Oh, btw, in less than 7 days, I'll be out in beautiful Big Sur, backpacking to Sykes Hot Springs! Ermahgerd, so essssite.

Here are some things that made my week happy:
- finishing one of my side projects - yaaay!
- how well do you know the world? (one of my friends got 27807 points)
- an impromptu fudge popsicle at work (consider me inspired)
- listening/watching this at least once a day
- crispy potatoes for dinner
- this commercial featuring my favorite basketball player (durant)
- russians are (hilariously) terrible drivers
- Missy-dog's rescue mission off a mountain made me teary
- i feel like google glass owners need a background check :)
- the coolest cat! (double treat for you guys, the video is in french. enjoy!)

Hope you find some time to relax and breathe in the Spring air this weekend. xxOO

tycho is my drug as of late


  1. French French Kitty French Kitty.

    Thank goodness for Russian dashcams. This one is in there but merits expanded treatment:

    This guy is fun:

    Have a good weekend

  2. "Ermahgerd, so essssite." tehehe love it.


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