Scones & Clotted Cream


I woke up at 8 something on Saturday for some reason. Ballet wasn't until 11, but I didn't feel like lounging around in bed all morning. I schlepped out into the kitchen, fed the cats, and thought about breakfast. Usually I go for something simple like eggs, or german pancake. But this weekend was different.

This weekend I had three little jars of devonshire cream sitting on the counter. Naturally, this Saturday morning called for scones.

My trusty food processor made this recipe super easy. They baked in less time than it took me to get a good stretch on the living room floor, and, tasted pretty great warm from the oven.

IMG_7536 IMG_7537 IMG_7544 IMG_7547

I used this recipe (which, if I hadn't been lazy and didn't have an aversion to paper I could've found in the ever-useful cook's illustrated cookbook).

P.S. I could not stop humming this song as I was giving the dough the final knead, shaping it, putting unbaked scones on an ungreased baking sheet, and winding my kitchen timer. Yes, I like to pretend I'm Anna Kendrick on the weekends. :)


  1. I can't do scones in the morning, but I'll forever love the afternoon tea time. Makes me think of London (where I studied abroad).

    1. Tea time is the best. Did you start putting milk in your tea after living in London?


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