Square Scarves

photo from boden

OK. I don't think people wear square scarves enough. I always feel a little bit self-conscious when I do, even though I really shouldn't. They're so chic and versatile.

I usually do the very basic square knot(Although I call it the "pioneer-knot". My mom taught me how to tie it, and she said that that's how she tied her red pioneer tie. Gotta say, those little communists are pretty cute.* :) But you can wear it a million different ways: around your neck, on your shoulders, in your hair, as a headscarf, to spruce up a boring bag. Sometimes I tie mine to the top loop of my backpack. (Weird.)

One day, I'd love to have a silk Hermes scarf, but for now I'm very, very happy with the beautiful cotton-silk one from Madewell.
upper left | upper right (no longer available ): | lower left | lower right

Here's a mesmerizing video of ways to tie a square scarf, if you're looking for inspiration.

* Disclaimer: I am not and have never been a member of the communist party, nor do I support communism in any way.