Camp Dress

clockwise from top left: gray | coral | stripes | black

The first time I went backpacking (as an adult), one of the girls on the trip told me to bring a comfortable dress. I was a little perplexed, but I brought my bright blue J.Crew loose-fitting dress. (I'd link you to me wearing it on backpacking trips if my ex-bf hadn't made them private :) Once we got to our camp-site all the girls busted out their dresses and started changing. Allow me pass on their infinite wisdom.

Scenario: you get to your campsite and want to change into your camp clothes.
Problem: it's too cold/you're too shy to strip down to your skivvies.
Solution: take off as many layers as you're comfortable with, then slip into the dress and change under the dress. BOOM.

I wish I still had my blue dress, but I took it on a trip to Russia and my aunt loved it so much that I had to leave it with her. So...I got to shop for another 'camp dress' for my backpacking trip next weekend!

P.S. I went with 'coral' :)


  1. Slightly off-topic, but I don't have much to add re: camp dresses (sorry). A backpacking tradition that I picked up from friends is to pack steak in dry ice for the first day so that after an arduous hike in, you have a delicious meal to look forward to. One more piece of wisdom: if your friend is responsible for bringing the tent, verify that the poles are indeed packed (or you may end up with something like this).

    1. Hahaha. This isn't off topic at all. I want all the backpacking advice you have. Lay it on me.

      Steak for first night's dinner sounds awesome. We are not bringing a tent. (I may have forgotten to tell Vova that :) just a tarp. We'll be sleeping under the stars. Can't wait!!


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