Constellation Quilt

photos via kickstarter

How awesome is this constellation quilt?

I'm kind of a obsessed all things stars. I've seen the Griffith Park Observatory planetarium show twelve times now. And every single time I get teary when they first show the beautiful starry sky. It is absolutely breathtaking. (Btw, if you live in LA and haven't gone, you're missing out.)

Kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I have a nightlight that's a star globe. When you turn the light on, it gives off this soft blue light and shows the constellations. (One of my fellow star-obsessed coworkers gave it to me when he was leaving.) I feel like such a kid having it in my bedroom, but it's seriously awesome. Methinks I need the constellation quilt to make it a complete bedroom set. No?

Also, the video is really well-made. I had never heard of Haptic Lab. City maps on quilts! People are so cool!