Making Memories

Some people have daily-life journals, some people have dinner journals (I'm envious of them), some people have outfit journals. I like to record what I was wearing if I had a particularly I-feel-good-wearing-this day. Or the opposite, you know the days when you're uncomfortable all day long? No? Just me? Anyway, I record those too. And, of course, I remember important events by what I was wearing, as well.

Some are totally un-intentional (and make me cringe), like the track pants and red sweatshirt I wore to my first day of school in the US, the jeans and dark green shirt I had on when I got the letter saying I could afford to go to UCLA, the dress I wore the day my first boyfriend broke up with me.

But others are carefully planned because I want that memory to feel good. (It's also why I agonize about what I should wear for weeks ahead of time.) I remember the dress I wore to every single school dance, to graduation, the khakis and shirt I wore to first day of work, and now, the beautiful navy silk shirt I wore to my citizenship interview. (It was one of those I-feel-good-wearing-this days. :)