Things That Made My Week

photo via wolf-teeth

This week, almost ten years after I first came to the US, I became a citizen. This is a little bit bittersweet (mostly sweet :), but it's safe to say this has been a huge milestone for me. I'm backpacking Big Sur this weekend with my brother and Forrest to mark this occasion. I can't wait to share some photos when I come back.

And here are some other awesome things that happened this week:
this app for helping me remember to rest my eyes every 20 minutes
- sun tea!
tutorial on how to draw a star and forrest following it to the tee (protractor and all)
  to finish my favorite birthday cake
- i adore these pretty window screens (via rmtl)
- arrested development's collection of recurring gags (for brushing up before sunday)
traveling alone is apparently fun (via emily)
- the crazy super shuttle driver that hauled ass so i could make my flight
  or he could get off work early. i'm not sure which

I hope you have an awesome long weekend!