Day 67 | mile 1270.3 - 1301.1 | 30.8 miles

Deer were walking around the campsite at night. I woke up but I wasn’t scared. Mosquitoes were buzzing around my head all night. Woke up at 5. Walking at 5:45.

16 easy miles to Belden. I listened to MBMBaM to keep my mind occupied. My eyes were swollen from crying. Called mom as soon as I got reception. She was at the pool, but we chatted for a couple of minutes.

Passed Puma (one of the boys I hiked with just before Quincy). Got to Belden at 10:30-ish. There was a burner festival going on - Priceless. I think that’s the event that Roger (my ex-coworker) told me about. I had my eyes peeled but I didn’t see him. An older lady asked me if I wanted a hitch to Caribou. I heard the prices were better there, so I went. She drove a bunch of us in her truck.

Ate lunch with Lady, Magnet, and Treeline. We were at the restaurant a little after 11, but they still let me have breakfast. I got 2 over easy eggs, hash browns, toast, and a giant blackberry milkshake. No reception in town, but I got to charge my camera. It was almost dead after boating shenanigans.

Started walking back to Belden at 1:30. Once we were walking past Little Haven’s property she yelled “do you guys wants to ride” from her porch. We all piled into her truck again. Thank you!

Walking at 2. The rest of the group wanted to stay in Belden longer. It was hot. Must’ve been 90 or so.

The climb out of Belden goes up 5000 ft over 14 miles. Oof. It was rough.

I listened to The Goal.

Got up to the top at 8. Just in time for the sunset. Called Alex.

Camping 1 mile north of the summit with 3 other tents. There is a stream here. Not too many mosquitoes. Ate beef stroganoff.

Sleep under beautiful starry sky.