Day 96 | zero day

Woke up at 7 in the most comfortable bed. I commandeered Forrest’s laptop for 4 hours catching up on blogging.

We finally left to go to brunch at 12:30. Forrest loves Portland and took it upon himself to take me to all the best brunch spots. We went to Proud Mary. It’s a real hip Australian cafe with two locations: Melbourne and Portland. And it did not disappoint. We had a ghosty-toasty (most Australian name ever) and a hot cake. And Forrest had an iced coffee which is served with a scoop of ice cream on top in Australia. So great.

Right after finishing, we rushed over to get foot massages. Forrest booked us an appointment at 2. Needless to say it was amazing. Forrest fell asleep and was snoring quietly. I was too ticklish to fall asleep. Most of it was just pure pleasure, but about 30% of the time I was using all my energy to not be a child and squirm in a fit of giggles.

Back at the car Forrest quickly booked us refundable flights to Spokane. Haha. We went to the airport and exploited a priority pass loophole at PDX. We got $112 worth of specialty goods for my resupply for free. (If this makes no sense, don’t worry. It took me a while.)

On the way back to town, Forrest cancelled the flights over a 3 minute phone call.

Back at the hotel, we planned my next resupply. Found out about new a fire closure near White Pass.

Sushi for dinner at 9. Walmart to get croissants, Nutella, hard boiled eggs, and sunscreen.