Day 81 | mile 1735.6 - 1750.4 | 14.8 miles

Up at 7. Called Alex. Cats were meowing and following him around. I wanted to be home so bad.

Breakfast at 8. I got the hiker breakfast of 3 eggs, 3 bacon strips, and bottomless pancakes. Sat with Perigee. I was eyeing the crepes of the table next to me, and stole them once they paid and left. Half of them were untouched and they were too good to go to waste.

Back to the room at 10. I wanted to soak my feet, so I drew a bath while I packed up. The water was wayyy too hot when I put my foot in. So, I spent the next 15 minutes trying to cool it off. I was sweating in the tub.

Checked out at 11:30. Sat in the dark banquet room on a comfortable recliner chair and wrote. Waiting for the mail to come.

It came super early at 12:30! Alex has outdone himself. The note didn’t make me cry this time, but all the notes he wrote on the various Ziplock bags of stuff did. He also mailed me new shoes! I organized the resupply. Made a couple of trips to the hiker box. I got another half-full propane container. Score!

At 2:30, there was a trail angel asking if people needed rides to Ashland. Mr. Sippy (who had just hiked in) and I took him up on his offer.

I didn’t remember Mr. Sippy, but he remembered me. Apparently i passed him on that second pass coming out of Seiad Valley. He was like, “you passed me on that hill, I said ‘you have more energy than me’ and you said ...”. He mouthed some swear words to me because he didn’t want to repeat them in front of the trail angel. Hahaha. Now I remember.

The Inquisitor (trail angel’s name) drove me all the way around the fire closure. I didn’t realize how far it would be. He is a trail runner, too. We talked about the trail, running, social services, Ashland, SoCal, and Bay Area.

I finally started hiking at 3. Put on The Wall by Pink Floyd. It was smoky. Run Like Hell was perfect for the moderate Oregon terrain.

Finished at 8 at a very nice campsite by a lake. No locals, but i met some new people: Extra Mile, Oats, Lauren (a guy). Lauren had just started 2 days ago.

I took a free, warm shower and started dinner. Alex’s sweet notes broke my heart all over again. I had past-a-roni and ate dinner at a table like a human being. It was delightful. This campground is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Sleep at 10. Didn’t set up the tent. Again.