Day 90 | mile 1999.0 - 2032.9 | 33.9 miles

Woke up at 5, then 5:30. I got up, packed up, woke up Phil. He was still sleeping. I started taking out the stakes of his tent to speed things along. That would’ve pissed me off but he was fine.

Passed 2,000 miles! Wow.

Trail magic just after hwy 20. I took a packet of Fritos and the last apple.

We have a long way to go today. Lots of up and down. We had breakfast at 9 next to Three Fingered Jack. Oatmeal, bagel, tea.

We were walking toward Mt. Jefferson all day.

Collected water at a pretty lake.

Ran into a bunch of SOBO hikers. Passed a crew working on the trail. Found 2 credit cards owned by Edward Moore. Couldn’t find Edward Moore himself.

Today we climbed from 4000 ft to 6000 ft, then went back and forth between 5000 ft and 6000 ft, down to 4000 ft and back up to 6000 ft. Fun! It was exhausting. And we only managed to do 34 miles.

Philip got to ford his first creek though. And had wet shoes for an hour or so. It’s like getting a little (tiny) taste of the Sierra.

There was a scary sign warning us of an animal carcass up ahead. I didn’t see it.

Camping next to Whitewater Creek. Aptly named because it looks like the Frost Gatorade flavor.

The ramen I had for dinner was a little fishy. Still slurped it up though. Philip had chili mac.