Day 86 | mile 1884.1 - 1907.9 | 23.8 miles

Woke up at 5:30. I was really tired and wanted to go back to sleep. But the sky was beautiful and was begging for a photo to be taken. Skeetos were waiting for me on the mesh of my tent.

Mashed potatoes with a spicy meat stick for breakfast. Finally started hiking at 6:35. It was cold even with my wind pants on. My hands were frozen.

Hiked down to Summit Lake. There were some day hikers with dogs there. It looked very swimmable, but I was meeting Forrest at 2.

Finished The Better Angels of Our Nature. What an amazing book. I’m so glad Jackie let me borrow it. Thank you!

Listened to How I Built This about Larabar and Stitch Fix. Found a banana on the trail. Ate it.

Met Forrest at 2. He had hiked half a mile in and delivered boba! It was nice and cold and very almond-y. Thank you, Forrest! I can’t get used to this, I’m back on my own starting tomorrow.

We drove to the motel in Oakridge. I washed all the dirt, DEET, mosquito bodies, and blood off myself and felt like a new person. (That was only 1.5 days. The skeetos are brutal.) Started laundry. I took a nap.

Drove to Eugene for dinner. Forrest and I shared a bacchanal sushi omakase. I was in heaven.

Stopped at Dollar General on the way back. New smart water bottles, knock-off fruit snacks, Twinkie ice cream (this store exclusively carried weird flavors).

I’m so tired. And very itchy. The backs of my legs, neck, and temples are all bitten up.