Day 71 | mile 1409.7 - 1434.6 | 24.9 miles

Woke up at 5:30. Everyone was still snoozing. Went into the dining hall to use the computer. I literally gasped last night when I heard someone using the keyboard.

Coffee, computer time. The whole computer crashed and restarted when I was almost done with my entry for yesterday. I had to start all over. Ugh.

Breakfast was amazing. The eggs were not over cooked. The potatoes were the perfect mixture between mushy and crispy. And I had 4 waffles.

I tried and tried to fix the computer. Finally left at 11:30.

Got to Burney Falls at 2. Dropped my pack off and went to the general store. I’m bribing myself with ice cream so that I go to check out the waterfall. I got a soft serve sundae. I asked for fudge instead of butterscotch but the lady thought I asked for chocolate ice cream. Oh well. It was still really good.

The waterfalls were impressive. Reminded me of Hawaii. Glad I made it down there.

Listening to Taylor Swift. Surprisingly, I didn’t have a single Taylor Swift song cached on my phone. I remedied that when I had WiFi.

I started really late today, so I couldn’t do the big miles that I had hoped for. I aimed for this campsite with a Mt. Shasta view 25 miles out.

Got here at 8:30. There is a guy here but I don’t recognize him and he doesn’t talk. Ate a shitty Knorr rice side for dinner. I hate backpacking food.

Got to FaceTime with Alex and show him my view! It was nice to see him and the whole gang. Tracy gave me a pep talk.