Day 91 | mile 2032.9 - 2067.8 | 34.9 miles

Last of the fancy oatmeal packets for breakfast. Mocha flavor with caffeine. I liked it.

Hiked up 4 miles to start the day. Beautiful views of Mt. Jefferson. And once we were at the top, I laid my eyes on Mt. Hood for the first time.

Crossed snow fields and glissaded down the north side of the mountain. The trail was annoyingly rocky. You had to focus on where you stepped and couldn’t go very fast. It’s such a relief when it goes back to being a nice event trail.

We flew down to Lake Olallie from there. There is a picturesque cabin resort there. Most notably it has a little store that sells ice cream. We were there at 11:45. I got a jar of Nutella, an apple, and a le croix knockoff. Philip got a Gatorade and a Pepsi. I asked the cashier if he would charge my battery pack. He was very kind and said yes. They’re on solar power, so they have all the reasons to say no to requests like that.

We had lunch. A weird dehydrated chicken breast rehydrated into a very tasty piece of meat. Philip brought too many backpacker meal dinner pouches, so we were able to have a really filling lunch. It was supplemented by cold fizzy drinks, an apple, Nutella on everything, and ice cream. 2 ice cream sandwiches (chocolate and mint) and a Hagendaz bar.

I told myself we’d leave at 12:30. We left at 1:30. That’s just what happens. Met Hummingbird and Campfire and chatted with them

Right after leaving the store, I started seeing bushes full of ripe huckleberries and blueberries. I was just eating them while walking by at first. But then decided to collect them for breakfast the next morning. Within 15 minutes, we collected half a cup of these tiny sweet berries. So stoked for tomorrow.

Phil has been thigh chafing really bad and ended up hiking in just his very provocative underwear. Cool. We are hiking on an Indian Reservation the second half of the day. I don’t think I’ve ever been on one before. The trail looks exactly the same except there are signs about it being an Indian reservation everywhere.

Listened to MBMBaM 100th episode. It was 2 hours long and really good.

Made it to Warm Springs River where I thought we might camp. It looked really nice and it’s the last water source for a while. But I really wanted to get up the steep hill that follows to make tomorrow easier. Phil was down to hike another 2 miles.

Phil filters water religiously. I don’t. Also, he drinks so much. He is always carrying at least 2 liters. I end up waiting at the water source and getting attacked by mosquitoes while he filters. (To be fair, he gets attacked by mosquitoes just the same.) After he filtered all his water, he started taking off his shirt and washing his feet. And I really didn’t want to wait for that. Washing stuff can take a while! So, I told him to meet me at the top and hiked on.

Camped. Ate a really really good ramen with thick noodles. Phil had tagliatelle dinner pouch. I tried it. It wasn’t as good.

I fell asleep with all my devices on. Woke up at 2, inReached Alex, turned everything off and went back to sleep. Timberline Lodge tomorrow!