Day 88 | mile 1944.2 - 1979.7 | 35.5 miles

The dogs were up and running around my tent early. I heard Randy start a fire. I wanted to sleep some more. Finally got up at 5:30.

Leisurely breakfast by the fire. Randy poured me a cup of coffee. I had oatmeal and a scone studded with a ton of raisins. It’s so nice to eat and have coffee at the same time. What a luxury. (I wish I had a cup most of the time.)

They gave me some DEET with instructions to not get it in my eyes. I put it on. When I was closing the cap, it sprayed right into my eyeball. Awesome. Randy gave me a clean bandana to wipe my crying eye.

Packed up and left at 7:30. So late!

There were a lot of mosquitoes. But they did disappear after the Elk Lake junction. Just like GoalTech said. I took a nectarine break and took off my mosquito layers. Much better.

Got reception and chatted with Alex for a minute at a lookout point. I could see Mt. Bachelor and other mountains I couldn’t name.

Passed Extra Mile! We camped close to each other last night without knowing it. She was soaking her feet. I wanted to keep going and take a break at Obsidian Falls.

Listened to 'How I Built This' about Lululemon.

Finally took my “lunch” break at 5. It was a beautiful spot and I was ravenous. Ate the half of the meat sandwich I saved from yesterday. And finished the funny Nutella package Forrest packed for me.

Started hiking again at 5:45. Walked through a really cool field of obsidian rock.

I was kind of bummed I wouldn’t make it to breakfast at Big Lake Youth Camp. And my head hurt. And I was walking up this huge lava rock hill. Oof. It wasn’t fun.

I kept readjusting where I was going to camp closer and closer. Ended up at Matthieu Lake. I felt like I failed.

But also it was beautiful, the wind was blowing mosquitoes away, and I had really nice girl camp neighbors. Objectively life was good. Not sure why my brain is bummed.

Cowboy camping.