Day 84 | mile 1820.9 - 1847.7 | 26.8 miles

Slept in until 6. Packed up my bag with just snacks, water, and wind/mosquito layers. Woke up Forrest. It’s breakfast time!!

I got the breakfast buffet. It was ok. Forrest made better decisions. Per usual.

Forrest dropped me off at the highway where he picked me up yesterday. He drove to Crater Lake visitor center and I ran the 5 miles there. So fun to run! No pack! I was kind of off balance without my pack.

It was 1,000 ft of elevation gain and I wasn’t as good at running as I remembered. In 51 minutes, I was at the visitor’s center. I got some faster internet and postcards.

Forrest and I walked the 7 miles along Crater Lake together. It was crazy. I couldn’t stop freaking out over how grand it was.

This is definitely #1 on the list of places to come back to.

At the end of the 7 miles we stopped for lunch. A steak bagel sandwich and nectarines.

Then, Forrest turned around the hike the 7 miles back to his car and I hiked on. The next 12-ish miles were flat and boring. Lots of logs to hurdle over.

I passed Scrubs and told him that Forrest could give us a ride to Diamond Lake.

Forrest picked me up at 5-ish. We waited for Scrubs and he came out in 5 minutes or so.

We swung by the lake and soaked our feet. Saw Extra Mile! Forrest and I drove to dinner back at Beckie’s. Stopped at the Rogue River Gorge. It was cool!

Beckie’s threw away my hairbrush. I accidentally left it there last night. Oh well. I guess my #brushlessthru starts now.

Tomorrow I start a 1.5 day stretch by myself. Watch out.