Day 75 | mile 1529.2 - 1572.1 | 42.9 miles

Whoa. Shasta. Crazy beautiful sunrise sky at 4:50. I snapped a picture and went back to sleep. Breakfast at 5:30. Mashed potatoes and salami. I’m a little worried I’m going to run out of fuel on this stretch.

Moving at 6:20. Pretty easy elevation profile today. It’s 70 miles to Etna from here. I’m planning on covering a lot of miles today so that I can roll in to Etna at a reasonable time tomorrow.

Talked to mom while she was driving to work. Dad’s MRI is today. Called Alex and we talked for like 90 seconds before reception cut off. Listened to Kropp och Själ this morning. It was about Fentanyl.

Was hoping for some trail magic because the trail crosses two pretty major roads, but that’s not how trail magic works. You can’t be expecting it.

I stopped 15-ish miles in at 11. Ate the pizza slice I’ve been saving. It was so good. Also, a butt load of cereal and a crushed pop tart from a hiker box. Washed my feet.

I was really sleepy after that early lunch. I was more alert once I put on a new podcast I’ve been saving. Philip recommended this episode of Endless Thread. It’s so cool to hear people describe exactly what you’ve felt before but thought you were alone.

It was really hot today. And beautiful. The Cascades are incredible. I really wish I had time at night to read about what I’m walking through.

Stopped again 25-ish miles in at 4:30 for a snack. English muffin with cream cheese and salami. The salami pieces fit the English muffin just right. It made me smile.

I wanted to get at least 40 miles in today to have any chance of making it to the post office before it closes.

The sunset was stunning. I had to hike with my headlamp the last 1.5 miles or so. There were so many frogs out once the sun set completely. They look like rocks except they move!

Camping on a ridge by myself.

A small miracle made my fuel canister last to boil 2 cups of water and stay boiling while the pasta cooked. YAY! I put the loose pizza toppings that fell off the pizza into the pasta. It was pretty good.

The sky is incredible tonight. I wish I had the energy for nighttime photography.

Hoping to hear no footsteps.