1 down, 2 more.

Hermione is staying strong in me.

We're going to focus and not make stupid mistakes or oversights, pay attention to detail and relax tomorrow. My EE2 final is tomorrow from 11:30 to 2:30. 

I got a sore throat last night and I'm gargling salt water. This morning I felt weak and dizzy. I biked to work and almost fell in the elevator when it started accelerating. We have really fast elevators and I felt lightheaded for a second. I had to catch myself on the wall. I went to CVS after work to talk to a pharmacist. She said to just get rest, drink a lot and get plenty of vitamin C. I ate an orange. I feel better now than I did this morning, I hope the trend continues tomorrow.

Hermione would never get sick during finals. I therefore demand myself to be healthy and full of energy in the morning.


  1. Hermione - вымышленный персонаж. Ольга Гальченко сильна сама по себе. :-) И тому много примеров.
    А на чём ты biked, если Бакалоры не привезли тебе велосипед?

  2. D let me use her bike yesterday.


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