Spring Break: Day 1

Hey yo, peeps! Spring Break is here!

James and I came down to Moorpark College and saw our favorite place of work. I miss it. Brendan was there and so was his wife and my favorite baby Liam. We got to hang out for a bit.

I am at the Bees right now.
I didn't tell anyone I was coming so it was a bit of a surprise. A fun surprise, I hope. I ate way too many strawberries and too much vanilla ice cream here. I also made an angel food cake!

Barry is taking me to the airport to go to Russia! I'm sort of dreading the 16 hour flight, but I'm excited to get there. We're going by my apartment first because I forgot my retainer and, drumroll please, my PASSPORT! I forgot I was going international. I think I'm still in denial I'm on spring break and I'm going to Russia. This is just starting to hit me.

Anyway, wish me a safe flight and a sweet voice reading Ayn Rand in my ears for the next 16 hours. PEACE!


  1. Счастливого пути!

  2. Remember when I was singing the Cheers song at school? ;-)


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