I'm done, son.

Today was my last final - Discrete Math. That was my last math class, I think. I might have to take complex analysis. I'm not sure. I studied pretty hard for this final but it ended up being so easy. It was suspiciously easy. Maybe it's because I studied a lot. The proofs were a bit tricky, but I knew how to do them.

The professor for this class was pretty useless. I stopped going to that class about half way through the quarter. He is impossible to understand and makes mistakes on the board all the time. I remember for the second midterm I decided to go to the review lecture just to not feel guilty about skipping class. About 10 minutes into it I remembered why I didn't go to the lectures, so I left. The person who taught the class for me was the TA - Jane Sherman. 

She is pretty awesome and explained the material well. Of all my professors and TAs she cared the most about us. She held multiple hour review sessions and extra office hours and her discussions were pretty banging. She wouldn't do the homework for us, but she would explain to us how to formulate the proofs and what not. I think the most valuable thing I learned in Math 61 was writing proofs. There is no other way to learn how to write proofs other than doing it over and over. It's pretty hard to get used to.

Anyway, I'm done and finally get to take a shower! Yay!


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