TB Test {poo}

I had to get a TB test today for my job. That's the one where they stick a needle under your skin on your forearm. The area where no needle should ever come near, in my opinion. I was nervous about it all day. I finally got it at 1. That's 5 hours of freaking out. 

It took me half an hour to find the room I was sent to. (Apparently one building has 3 different 6th floors. UCLA makes absolutely no sense as far as floor enumeration goes.) As I was wandering around one of the 6th floors at the Neuropsychiatric Institute I came across a children's autism wing. It was interesting. I saw a little girl as she was being tested.

Anyway, back to the test. The nurse was super nice. I told her I didn't like needles, especially in that area. She called a nice lady, Eva, in to distract me while she was doing the test. AND she gave me the shot to the side, not in the middle of the forearm. I felt a lot better about a needle over to the side. It did not hurt a bit. The spot burned a bit while I was sitting in the EE lecture today. (Today's lecture was *awesome*, by the way.) 

I have almost no reaction from the test which worries me a little. It is less of a reaction than this. If I took a picture you wouldn't even see it.

It worries me because I remember in Russia when they did this test every year I had way more of a reaction than that. I'm not sure why they require a TB test. Apparently I have to do this every year. This is the first time I'm encountering a requirement like that in America. As nice as this experience was, I hope I'm not still working here by the time I'm due for another one.

I'm almost done with EE homework! Sweet!


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  2. it is good you had no reaction, it means you are negative

  3. I've never had a reaction to a tb skin test, but i do now. I think it's because the lady injected SO MUCH, it stretch my skin like you wouldn't believe. At first the spot looked like a bruise. It doesn't itch or burn though. I should have told them i have uber sensitive skin, but I didn't. TB skin tests are mandatory in america, especially in health care.

  4. you're an idiot...NO reaction is how it is supposed to be...


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