Buffalo Exchange!

A few days ago James introduced me to Buffalo Exchange. It's super awesome. I went there after my last final yesterday and scored J.Crew shorts and a skirt for $9.00 each.

J.Crew shorts. I think they're from last season. I remember the color. This is size 2.

And an unidentified skirt. I got it because it's comfy and will be perfect to throw over ballet tights after dance next quarter.

This is what I wore yesterday. I threw on my running shorts when I woke up in the morning to study with James. It was really nice out at 3 and didn't feel like changing just to take a math final. 

This is what the campus looked like when I got out. You can see James and our new friend Tarun walking down the steps. The weather changed from sunny to misty in the time it took me to write 3 proofs, solve 3 recurrence relations, answer 5 counting questions and 20 true and false.