For Lunch/Dinner I Am Eating...(03.12.09)

...(from left to right) a GIGANTIC orange, a bagel with strawberry cream cheese, crackers and brie cheese and a banana.

That was one of the biggest oranges I have ever seen. I got these at Vons. They're navel oranges. Really sweet too. I ran out of strawberry cream cheese this morning so I have to get more tonight. The brie has been in my refrigerator for a long time so I need to use it.

Today is the day my project is due. Hopefully I'll be able to wrap that up and Kobe it at 9 tonight. Wish me luck!

Oh, I've decided I'm taking ballet next quarter. Not sure about swimming yet.


  1. Ольга, удачи тебе!!!
    Бери и балет и плавание!


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