Spring Break (part 1)

I'm having a pretty good time in Russia. Eating lots and relaxing. Vova got dad a scale for his birthday and all of us are weighing ourselves before and after food. It's really fun. Turns out grandpa, at 190 something cm weighs 57 kg. I don't even know how he is alive. I am 160 something сm and weigh 55 kg.

We're all sporting our UCLA attire.

I am definitely enjoying the food here. The great Russian tradition of eating dessert after each meal is just fantastic. As my aunt says, if you don't have dessert after a meal it's like you haven't eatten at all. I completely agree. I am eating blini in this picture.

Mama gave me argyle socks and you have to tuck your pants in your socks so that the boots go on smoothly. I thought it was picture worthy.

I'm trying to run here, but it's hard to get out of a warm apartment into the cold. I am still planning to the run the 1/2 marathon doing laps around the monument. Stay tuned for more info on that. I think I'm going to walk 400 meters every 3 miles.