Life After CS32

It's pretty good! I did absolutely nothing productive today. Carmen had to work this morning so I woke up too and told her I would walk with her. It was fun. I ended up just sticking around on campus and reading The God Delusion for a while. Then I found out a gymnastics meet was going on so I went there. We kicked some ass. It was close but we won. I think gymnastics is my favorite sport to watch.

Then the Bees came and took me to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. It wasn't very good. The dancing scene was by far my favorite.

I finally tried Pinkberry. It was really good. I mean, it was regular frozen yogurt, but I loved it. I had it with white chocolate shavings, strawberries and coconut.

So this weekend was pretty much my first weekend at the apartment. D always goes home, but C was here. C was super awesome and supportive. We even watched a movie and she shared her strawberries and ice cream with me.

We were really excited when D came home. We went to Coffee Bean at 11 pm to get D caffeinated so she can study for her final. Then we came home and played love songs. The only love song we could all agree to was Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. I love that song and everyone should watch this video.

I was doing some sort of an interpretation of that choreography during the song. Then we listened to Ja Rule and Franz Liszt.

I'm going to bed, see ya! Oh, COMMENT!


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