Today I Am Eating...(03.11.09)

...a stuffed bell pepper! I had a bell pepper laying around for a while specifically for the purpose of being stuffed. Today it finally fulfilled its destiny. I stuffed it with previously prepared ground beef, rice and taco seasoning. Served with a biiiig dollop of sour cream and all broken tortilla chips. (I have a little left from my giant size Ralphs tortilla chips bag.) Finally, a dinner at home.

My hands smell good thanks to DeDe's soap.

When I came home Carmen was sleeping because she wasn't feeling well. When she got up DeDe read a book to us out loud. I liked it. It's called Summer of '42. I wanted to read it more but she refused. Then she read Lanark to us. We're taking those chapter by chapter. I liked both, surprisingly. 

Then they played J.Lo for me while I danced. Jennifer Lopez reminds me of New Hampshire because I got her DVD then and I would watch her music videos at least once a day. They were too shy for a picture so they hid behind their laptops while I guess I pretended to lick DeDe. I'm not sure what's going on; it all happened so fast.

I also took my braids out just now.

Curly hair!

How was your day?


  1. Мама помнит тот альбом Jennifer Lopez. Помнит она и клипы.
    Твои волосы выглядят великолепно!

  2. Hey, I want a stuffed bell pepper! I've always loved stuffed bell peppers. Quit jacking my swagger!

  3. Haha! Swagger. The bell peppers were inspired by Jessica Rankin-GEE.


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