BAM! The Future of Rock 'n' Roll

Barry, Vova and I watched Rain Man today.
I think all of us loved the movie. There were a few scenes that were really cry-inducing. The picture above is from one of my favorites. I am a huuuuuge crier and movies like that give me a headache because I try not to cry.

Barry went to the emergency room this morning with chest pains. (This has happened before but they couldn't figure out what the problem was.) They decided to admit him to run some tests. At 5 pm, when Mark and I were making dinner, we thought that Sue and he were coming home because the tests looked fine. Then the doctor decided that it gallstones were the culprit and they were going to have to remove them. It was not urgent, so he came home. Now he is home but on a liquid diet. What a bitch, huh? We ate sorbet tonight. (Except for Vova, who ate a brownie right in front of Barry. Fatty.)


  1. О, мы видели этот фильм. Классный фильм! Он у нас называется "Человек дождя".
    Камни в желчном пузыре... Надеюсь, врачи не ошибаются, что именно эти камни являются источником боли.

  2. Haha. I told Vova that you've seen it. He was like,"What? What is it called in Russian?" I said I didn't know and then I said "Человек дождя" in that Russian voice. We laughed, but that's what it's actually called. I hope Vova sees this.


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