Goodbye, Mr. Jackson

I am deeply saddened by the news of Michael Jackson's death this afternoon.
I was sitting high up in the Boelter library doing my math homework when I heard helicopters flying all around. At 6:20 am this morning when I was running I heard the news say not to worry if you see military helicopters around LA because they're doing some sort of training. That's what I had thought it was until I got into the vanpool van to go back to Agoura. That's when I found out they closed Le Conte and Gayley and were about to close Westwood Blvd. We got out just in time. (Our vanpool driver is just THAT awesome.)

Michael Jackson is dead! And guess where they didn't take him. They didn't take him to the USC hospital. He died at the UCLA hospital, mere feet away from where I was calmly getting my work done. If it wasn't for him I would not have my sa-weet interpretation of the Thriller dance, it if wasn't for him there would have been one less hilarious South Park episode, and, of course, I only have Michael Jackson to thank for this brilliant video.

RIP Michael Jackson. Nippley man I met, he ate my motorboaaaaaat...


  1. При чём там "VOLGA" в этом клипе?
    Я немного удивлён, что ты опечалена смертью Майкла Джексона. Я плохо знаком с его творчеством, но как личность он вызывает у меня отвращение.


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