I Feel...Accomplished

Went to my last ballet class this morning. :-( I'm really going to miss it. Maybe I'll go back to California Dance Theater this summer?

So, I came back and totally Kobed project 8. IT WAS MY LAST ASSEMBLY PROJECT AND I'M DONE!
Ah. Man, I wish I could just put what I'm feeling in a box right now and take it out when I feel down. I feel lighter than air and if I weren't typing this right now I would surely float up to the ceiling and sing Tenacious D's Lee. I feel like Dagny must have felt when she rode on the John Galt line for the for the first time

I would post a piece of the project but I'm sure it would be of no interest to you. OK, I need to put this excitement away for later and study for EE.


  1. Asskickage indeed. Dagny was very familiar with the feeling of asskickage, and I'm sure as time goes you will get the feeling more and more. All you got to do is work hard, but you already know that.

  2. Aw. Thank you. I know those "0 comments" links shouldn't bother me but they were breaking my heart today especially after I got the rejection e-mail.


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