It's the Weekend!

JY came to visit me at UCLA today! I had class until 10. As the vanpool wasn't leaving UCLA until 3:20 I had lots of time to spare.
This guy is fucking hardcore. Not only does he go on awesome backpacking trips pretty much every weekend (Lake Powell, UT on the picture above), he biked from Thousand Oaks to Westwood today. That is 43 miles, friends. 2 hours 40 minutes on a bike in 79 degree heat. We thought we would go see Year One since he and I frequently recite Tenacious D dialogues, sing their songs and just LOVE Jables. We walked all the way to the theater to find out that there was a problem with a projector and they weren't going to have the one showing we could go to. MEN'S ASSES!

That's when JY got stung by a bee. One moment we were laughing at JY's impersonation of the Box Office lady, and next thing I know he is pulling out the stinger out of his wrist. The funny thing is JY made a comment about how the smell of bananas makes bees get really aggressive while I was eating my lunch banana earlier that day.

Of course, I gave him a tour of campus. Actually, it wasn't much of a tour. I just showed him some cool places in the engineering buildings. The ladder JY is on is how I got to my CS discussion last quarter. Fucking bomb.
The class was on the 9th floor of Boelter Hall. The staircase that was most convenient for me to climb only got to the 8th floor (The Boelter Penthouse). From there I took this ladder on the side of the building to get to the 9th floor.

V-rock took us back home in the Previ-AAAA. JY wanted to bike back but I convinced him to ride with me and Vova to Agoura at least. It was a fun ride back without air-conditioning. I found out JY has read all of Ayn Rand's fiction. I never expected that from him. I was reading Anthem while I was waiting for him but I strategically put it away so as not to get into an argument on the off-chance that he knew who Ayn Rand was.

Good day today. Lots of laughs, stair climbing and sun.


  1. Хочу на Lake Powell! :-) C байдаркой... И с собакой... Овчаркой... Блин, песчанные пляжи, голубая водичка... Райский уголок!
    А ты, Ольга, рехнулась что ли, лазить с 8-ого на 9-ый! Вся в маму. Та тоже без страховки с соседского балкона на наш лазила и сейчас из окон наполовину высовывается, когда окна моет.

  2. Dude. It's just one floor. If I were to fall it would be just one floor.

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