Night of January 16th

This is (starting from the left) A, I, B and Meg at Harbor House in Dana Point earlier this evening. A, B and I got to watch Night of January 16th and dine with the AWESOME assistant director, Meg. (A and B are good friends with Meg. It was my first time meeting her.)

I thought the play itself was really cool. A little predictable just because I'm sort of familiar with other Ayn Rand's fiction, but good nonetheless. It was really nice to see a play not done by students but professional actors. The play is written like a court trial and members of the audience are picked at "random" to be in the jury. (A got all three of us in.) Then we got to do a jury deliberation and decide whether the suspect is guilty or innocent. I bet you guess what our verdict was.

P.S. I hate being stuck in traffic. I left the house at 4:30 and we got to Dana Point at 8. The way back took us 1.5 hours. How ridiculous is that?