SSS (Summer School Sucks) Week 1

This is the first issue of SSS (Summer School Sucks). This is where I will be ranting about the degree of sucking that summer school is doing.
It has only been 1 week and I've already done one paper and another one is due on Tuesday. I am taking Engineering Ethics (ENGR 183 at UCLA) and Statistics. Statistics is not so bad, though worse than I expected, but ENGR 183 sucks a big one.

Not only do I have to deal with the fact that the very first bullet in the Code of Ethics of Engineers says that I have to "hold paramount welfare of the public", but the professor, when presenting alternative ethical beliefs, completely misrepresented Objectivism by saying that Objectivists are against charities. The lectures are boring, discussions are better, it takes a lot of work to write the papers, we have a lot of reading, AND I HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 5 AM TO GET TO CLASS!

OK. Now, this is where you feel bad for me and tell me that I can make it through the next 7 (SEVEN) weeks.


  1. olga!! i have to wake up at 530 to drive to class too! i feel your pain. we can do this. i want to see you for lunch or something when i'm in LA

  2. Jackie! We're going to have to stick together. Remind me what days you're at UCLA. Lunch tomorrow, maybe?

  3. tuesday, wednesday, thursday!
    i go to the gym after class so id be down for dinner sometime :)


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