Sandy Feet and Summer Heat

Kate, Beth and I went to the BEACH today!
We had such a great time. I was worried it would be a little cold in Malibu. They said the high was going to be 69. It was well above 70 when we were there. It was a little crowded but not too bad. (The girls next to us did give us the stink eye when we set up next to them.) The weather was BEAUTIFUL! Honestly, most of time I'm wearing a sweatshirt at the beach because it's windy. Today we had to periodically go in the water to cool off.

I made prosciutto sandwiches for lunch.
Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, crusty baguette and everything. The best sandwich. I made grandma's raspberry preserves bars for dessert. Those were really good too. (Yes. Lunch does have a dessert course.)

Katticus and Bethicus

The lifeguard tower had the yellow flag flying. That apparently means that there is a riptide. There were lifeguards all along the beach bringing people in. We went in twice. The waves were really big for Zuma Beach. Fun nevertheless.

We found out on our beach walk that Kate had never done a jumping picture. We decided to change that then and there. Kate and I took various dance classes together. You can see us trying to figure out what we were going to do. It turned out pretty sweet. Kate's hair is flyyyyyying. Shame on my feet. Look at Kate's, they're perfectly pointed.
I didn't get sunburnt at all except for a small patch on my back. Sunscreen win all around.


  1. А как водичка была, не слишком холодная?

  2. It was cold when first getting in. Not too bad once you're in.

  3. Ha! Katticus (my friend from High school used to call me that)
    Overall awesome day & I didnt get burnt at ALL! Score!

  4. Poor Beth. The only one who got burnt. I hope your legs are feeling better, Beth!


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