I Could Get Used to This

It is 1:10PM. I just rolled out of bed. (I took a shower right before going to bed. So it's a bit of a wacky hair day for Olga.)
Had dreams of crazy EE and Spanish finals. Spanish? I have no idea where that came from. In my dream I was thinking, "OK. EE I've already done. Now, Spanish. I really have to study for that." I have weird dreams.

I finally have a dentist appointment today! YAAAAY! For me it's like seeing old friends. I got Invisalign through my dentist so I used to see him every 2 weeks. So, I kind of really like going there.

Beth and I are possibly going to see The Hangover today. I am drinking tea with honey and lemon because my throat is a little itchy. I think it's because Vova and I had an exciting conversation last night in the car and when I'm excited I start yelling.