Cajon Drum

left photo: amazon; right photo: piesoup

Don't laugh. But I got a cajon drum. I know what you're thinking. I just paid $100+ for a wooden box. But can you do this with a wooden box? All I need is five more people, a metal triangle, the little brush thingy, 6 pairs of roll up pants, and I am well on my way to being awesome. No?

OK. To be fair, I got it for work. A few of us wanted to jam at lunch. We volunteered to bring guitars, but none of us had any percussion instruments. You gotta have a tambourine or two so the non-musically inclined people can join in! I decided to add this number into the mix.

It arrives today! Can't wait.

PS. How sweet are these brothers?


  1. I LOVE cajons! Worth every penny, I totally agree. Are you a drummer, though, or was this a whim decision?

    1. Ha! I'm no drummer. But one of the people in our jam group is. I can't wait to learn!


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