Things That Made My Week

happy lunar new year 2012
beautiful photo by DUC_SLA

I had a very productive week! Still can't believe it's Friday. It flew by. I've been sleeping little, programming a lot, and drinking iced coffee from Nalgene bottles. And in no way is that depressing. In preparation for this weekend, I ordered a giant jar of Nutella (I'm not even joking) so I can make me some of these. It's arriving today!

How was your week?

Here are some things that made my week:
- spending an afternoon programming outside w. forrest
inspiring article about entrepreneurship
- I'm pretty sure I found my calling. how sick are those photos?
  makes me want to put a deer leg in my mouth and run around howling for wolves
- this little girl for inspiring this week's jean jacket challenge
- this cat gif (via Jason)
- rereading fiona apple's touching letter about her dog
- a beautiful love poem

Have a beautiful weekend!