Everlane Cashmere Hat


I've blogged about Everlane's box cut t-shirts before. And I mentioned I was packing the cashmere beanie on the ski trip to Tahoe

I wore my charcoal hat all through the winter, and am still wearing it on bad-hair days and very early morning hikes. It's soft, not itchy at all (even with a headlamp over it), warm, and everything you'd want your beanie to be. Well done, Everlane! Now, make it in bright colors.

P.S. My favorite red hat.


  1. What is the caption for that photo?

    1. Hahah. I'm not sure. If I remember correctly, it was "Hurry up. I can't stare in the lens without blinking for that long." Not as nefarious as it looks.

  2. I love that subtle charcoal colour. Bright green beanies are not for everyone :)


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