Coolest Find: Poler Napsack

Poler Napsack - a sleeping bag with arm and foot holes. Where has this been my whole life? 

I'm pretty sure I need one for my 3 o'clock half-hour nap at work. Accomplishes two goals: 1) I'm warm and cuddly; 2) when I'm sporting the bright orange napsack, there's no questioning what I'm doing. It's not like "Oh, did Olga fall asleep at work? Should I nudge her awake?" Nope. This shows intent. It says: "Olga got in the napsack for her daily 30 minute nap. Do not disturb." BOOM.

But seriously, how sweet is this thing?


  1. Where was this during college?

    But seriously, I can see you living in that thing for days at a time.


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