Cats Turn Two!

IMG_6929 IMG_6922

My favorite cats in the whole world turned two on Sunday!

There were no adorable birthday hats or cake. We're saving those for when we have a dog. Right, cats? But there was Trader Joe's cat tuna and extra cuddles. They also got 25 replacement discs for their favorite toy in the world: Zoom-O. (Moos and Tig cached the five that it came with in an undisclosed location.)

Oh, cats. Try as you may to be annoying shittens at times, I love you to death. Happy birthday!


  1. As long as they acknowledge how spoiled they are.

  2. 2 years and the cats have no funny GIFs to show for their antics? (If my memory serves me correctly.) They need to step up their game! Although, maybe they're too smart to be diving off precarious perches and faceplanting...


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