Things That Made My Week

I had a bit of a difficult week. Right in the middle of it, I had a moment when I declared I had enough of this shit, and would be writing code no more. Silliness. (I'm pretty sure it was just my tired brain talking at 3 am.) Of course, I ended up getting back into it and finishing what I was working on (at 5 am). Moral of the story: sometimes a good cry is all you need to feel better.

How are you?

Here are some things that made my week:
- i find these weck jars to be the perfect container for bringing iced coffee to work
  and a little simple vanilla syrup makes it that much sweeter
- ucla makes me proud (for once). professor teaches game theory by giving an epic test
best game ever (hint: do q+o, then w+p)
- hilarious infomercial gifs
- greek yogurt (to amp up my banana+almonds breakfast)
cranky kids on a family vacation. love the honesty (found via joanna)
- animals doing what they do best - messing with people's silly activities
this crazy quiz makes me amused and embarrassed at the same time

I think this weekend is for grilling fish and looking up at the almost-full waning moon, hm? What are you up to this weekend? I hope it's something good.


  1. Coding 'till 5 a.m.? No wonder Final Draft loves you. (That and the cookies). Unless you were working on an iphone ap to make us (err I mean you) rich, in which case you crazy go to sleep.

    The seagull definitely wins.

    1. Yeah, no. Working on my own thing.

      Final Draft currently only gets roughly 8.5 hours + baked goods. I've become one of those people who only works 8 hours/day at their job. Sad, but true.

  2. Cool. I spent most of the weekend working on My Own Thing™. It was frustrating and gratifying. No grilled fish, sadly.

    1. I'm curious, what do you do?

    2. I'm a pseudomathematician. More than that, I cannot say. Let's talk about Olga. ;)


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