Jean Jacket

photo via remainsimple

Dudes. When did the jean jacket get so cool? In the past, I've shied away from all denim-related things north of the hips (for fear of looking like this sexy lady). But I've been living on the edge the last few months.

my denim evolution. photos via madewell (1 | 2 | 3)

It started off innocently enough with a chambray dress (aka the gateway drug). After getting used to that, I moved on to the chambray shirt. (It's not a canadian tuxedo if you wear black jeans. Right?) Now I'm wearing a full blown jean jacket. What's next, people? A Texas tie?

But really, the jean jacket is not as scary as it sounds. It's quite versatile and keeps me surprisingly warm in an over-conditioned office. I've worn it every single day of the week this week. No joke. (Mostly to prove to myself that I could do it, but you get the point.) I like it with dresses and skirts, but it looks cool with some colored jeans too.

PS. If you're not convinced by photos of models wearing it, I think these blurry photos of me will push you over the edge.


  1. Yes! I still wear my Abercrombie denim jacket from high school (I know, Abercrombie - cringe. I'm embarrassed I ever bought into it.) and looooove it. Ups the cool factor, man. Yours looks great!


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