Zach Braff's Kickstarter Movie

(photo via kickstarter)

Have you guys seen Zach Braff is doing a Kickstarter movie? I'm stoked.

I remember watching Garden State. I was only 14 at the time. The adult in the room turned it off shortly after the movie began because it featured people at a party engaging in drug-use. Obviously, the movie had to be good if an adult didn't approve of it, so I jumped at the next chance I could watch it. And I was hooked. It quickly became my favorite movie and soundtrack. (Clearly, I was a very advanced 14-year-old because the plot is about your confusing twenties.)

the aftermath of the aforementioned party scene (via kickstarter)

Now I watch it every two years or so. And every time, it means something different to me. I remember realizing that it has a bit of a liberal agenda. Gotta admit, I was heartbroken. But it didn't stop me from coming back to it again and again.

I backed WISH I WAS HERE, obviously. And if it is half as awesome as Garden State, it'll be $200 well spent. (I'm also paying in part for Garden State whichimprettysurewasillegalysourced.)