Things That Made My (Last) Week

photo from debsphotographs

My beautiful friend, JZ is coming to stay with me for the weekend. I'm extremely pumped to chat, take photos, eat. We'll be making this bee sting cake and probably other things.

I didn't post this on Friday because I wasn't feeling it. My beautiful friend, JZ, had to cancel. But photos were taken (with a film camera, no less), and the bee sting cake was made and eaten. But chatting and girl-time was dearly missed. :(

Here are some things that made last week:
- nutella - all day err day
- patagonia sale! (i got a pair of baggie shorts and this number)
- coolest space experiment - wringing out a washcloth!
- taking a 30 minute head-on-my-desk-nap at work (college lecture style!)
  while listening to Sigur Rós' Takk... album on the lowest volume setting
  i dreamt i was swimming in the ocean and diving under waves
- finally getting into the groove on my after-work project

I hope you had a lovely spring weekend and a productive Monday.


  1. What do you put nutella on? (or do you eat it by the spoonful?) I've only ever had it in these amazing cookies.

    1. Well, there is the obvious - on (sourdough) toast. Then there's the obvious, but more time consuming - crepes. Then there is this roundup. My favorite of the list being these sandwich cookies.


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