Officially NOT Going

Dearest friends, I was planning on telling you the very exciting news that I'd be going to WWDC this year. I've been begging my company to pay for me to go since I started. Finally, this year they approved the (quite hefty) ticket, travel, and lodging expense and gave me the credit card. I've been giddy and nervous all morning, waiting for the clock to strike 10.

A few seconds after 10 am, when the link to buy the tickets became available, I got an error page that told me to restart my browser. I did, and tried the page again. That's when I got the "Down for Maintenance" page. I refreshed again and it gave me the dreaded "Sold Out" message at 10:02 am. 

Sigh. This is ridiculous. I feel like who gets a ticket is so arbitrary. And if it is already, why not take the stress out of it and make it a lottery system?

Whawhawhawhaaaaaa. Taste my sad, friends.


  1. Oh nooooooo! Maybe a nice mug of savory tea will soothe your pain? ;)


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